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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  December 3, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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the cain train comes to a s. a major shake- up in the . >> thank you for your prayers. >> i saw the pain that this is causing her. the cain train comes to a stop. a major shakeup in the republican presidential field, as a major contender gives in to the pressure. raising money for a cure. the family of a 1-year-old, among seven shot in oakland remains at a cross roads with doctors on treatment. after more than a dozen bank robberies, the so-called geezer bandit strikes again, and still alludes police. what made him drop a whole lot of money in the bank's parking lot. good evening. he has made his decision, facing allegations of sexual misconduct, herman cain announcing today he is suspending his campaign for the
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republican presidential nomination. drew levenson on the major shakeup in the gop presidential field. >> reporter: it felt like a campaign rally. >> herman! herman! >> reporter: until herman cain told his supporters he is out of the race. >> i am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt caused on me and my family. >> reporter: the former gop candidate lost financial support, after several allegations of sexual harassment, and one woman who claimed they had a 13-year affair. cain denies it all. with his wife gloria standing by him, cain says she never asked him to quit. >> i saw the pain that all of this mess was causing her. that's why i made the decision. >> reporter: the accusations derailed what was a quick rise to the top of the polls.
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cain's announcement came at what was supposed to be the opening of his national headquarters in his hometown of atlanta. laura schaffer was ready to vote for him. >> he was a real true joy and hope that we could turn this country around. now i'm not so sure. >> reporter: the two front runners quickly tweeted their thoughts. from mitt romney, herman campaign's was one of his ideas, best for his family. from newt gingrich, i know he will continue to be a powerful voice for years to come. cain says he will continue to be a voice for the people. >> they will not shut me out. >> reporter: in the end, cain wasn't able to withstand the pressure a presidential candidate must endure. drew levenson, cbs news. >> this morning on cbs 5's morning edition, political analyst joe tuman pointed out it's not just personal questions; cain also made some mistakes in discussing issues. >> not knowing what our foreign
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policy position, for example on libya or what the commander in chief's responsibilities are, the inability to sort of know many of the details in some of these debates, questions about the details of 9-9-9 and the like. i think all of these things, they were refreshing and fresh at the beginning in their simplicity, but over time exsupposed them frankly as someone who might not know the answers and be up to the be jo. the 8% he's sitting at at the polls also reflects that. >> by suspending his campaign rather than ending it, cain can continue to raise raise money and receive federal matching funds. notices have been sent to more than 5000 patients of contra costa admitting their personal information was breached. a cbs 5 viewer contacted us about the privacy violations. we looked into it and told the county about names posted on the internet. the county investigated and said
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names of people who owed money to the health department had been listed. the state is now investigating. wind is suspected of knocking downpour lines and igniting a big fire in santa rosa overnight. the fire started around 1:00 a.m. on todd road. three acres of barns full of antiques and several cars were destroyed. pg&e had to shut off power to the area so fire crews could move in. water was trucked in to fight the fire. >> we're in a non-hydranted area, so it requires heavy contingent of water tenders from many agencies. >> some nearby homes were evacuated temporarily. it took an hour to fight the flames. the fire was stopped before getting to a house. no injuries were reported. the youngest victim of a mass shooting in oakland this week remains in critical condition tonight. family members are optimistic about the toddler's recovery, even though they have a disagreement with doctors about his treatment. anne mackovic, on the the help
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getting to the family to pay their medical bills. >> he's going, going to get out of that. he's going to pull through. >> reporter: words of hope from hiram lawrence's uncle as the little boy lies in a coma today. family members and supporters are trying to raise money for his care by washing cars. >> anything to help. >> you look at the baby, see what happened, see how, you know, terrible situation it was. >> reporter: hiram, almost 2 years old, was shot in the head monday night at a rap music video filming in oakland. you can see the crowd scattering in this surveillance video. hiram was among seven people injured. now he is at children's hospital in critical condition. >> he's fighting. >> reporter: hiram's mother spoke out last night about an impasse the family has reached with the baby's doctors. >> unfortunately, we have come to a cross road and we are, we are unable to agree on the
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continuum of care for baby hiram. as a result, we are seeking support from patient rights attorneys. >> reporter: but the family won't say what doctors are recommending for hiram or what they are rejecting. >> thank you for the prayers, being with the family, and we don't want no violence, no retaliation, none of that. >> reporter: there is a $35,000 reward for information leading to the shooters in this case. police say they do have five persons of interest in custody on unrelated charges, but they don't have enough evidence to make arrests. a frustration for the entire community. >> when are you going to put down the funds and fight again? nobody's fighting anymore. at least you live from a fight. everybody's shooting. >> reporter: anybody can be a victim. >> keep praying. keep, please keep him in your prayers. >> reporter: anne mackovic, cbs 5. two people were killed today on caltrain tracks.
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just after 11:00 a.m -- roughly an hour later, a southbound train hit and killed another person on the tracks north of the menlo park station. 16 people have now been killed on caltrain tracks this year. national guardsmen received military honors at his funeral today. 21-year-old specialist shawn walsh was killed two weeks ago while serving in afghanistan. the san jose native was part of the military police company. today, walsh's mother gave her son a touching send-off. >> i've heard so many wonderful things about you. i'm truly blessed to have been your mother and i'm grateful for all the time we had together. >> over the last decade, 29 members of the state's national
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guard have been killed in iraq and afghanistan. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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been evicted. the founder of "mari . the state's oldest medical marijuana dispensary has been evicted. the founder of marijn alliance in fairfax has been fighting to keep the club open since becoming one of the targets of a federal crackdown this fall. a judge ruled the club is violating its lease by keeling cannabis near parks and schools. the case will likely go to trial in january. state department of public health is urging consumers to throw out certain imported mushrooms, because they may be contaminated with high sulfide levels. the warning focused on dried whole and dried slice shy talk key mushrooms. the trading company initiated a voluntary recall. high sulfide levels pose a life-threatening risk to people with asthma. the last of the california
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national guard soldiers are out of iraq and back home in the bay area. more than 50 soldiers from the 297th medical company arrived yesterday to the national guard arm me in san mateo. they spent 10 months serving in the middle east. president obama promised to withdraw all u.s. forces from iraq by the end of this year. one of those soldiers who recently returned met a small army of those sharing their gratitude, making his homecoming a little more special. >> reporter: likely the most exquisite '97 golf on the road, refurbished body and new paint, never looking better after 89,000 miles. it belongs to army specialist anthony gadd, who bought it off craigslist while serving in iraq. it was a beater, and at $1300, he got what he paid for. >> welcome! >> thank you! >> reporter: anthony came home from iraq two weeks ago. he has not seen the car, until
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now. >> wow! that looks amazing! >> reporter: over the past four months, a small army of craftsmen, painters and mechanics donated the materials and hundreds of hours of their time. >> oh, my gosh, gorgeous! >> reporter: anderson beal body shop in santa clara did the paint. >> i have a huge appreciation for the soldiers on active duty and those that have served in the past. so i think i got the easy part, painting somebody's car. >> reporter: fcc collision center in mountain view says the 15-year-old car had a lot of problems. all together, it was $7000 of work. >> would you do it again? >> do i have to answer that? sure, i would do it again. >> reporter: in iraq, ga dd's job was to plan helicopter missions. the 26-year-old is now unemployed, looking for work in computer science. he was reluctant at first to accept the car, because he says other soldiers are more deserving. >> i don't think i did anything special. you know, i didn't. i didn't, like, do anything courageous or anything like that. i just did my job.
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>> reporter: sometimes it takes a whole community just to say thank you. in mountain view, kiet do, cbs 5. so why can't th . well, he alluded police since 2009, robbing more than a dozen banks. why can't they get the so-called geezer bandit? his recent goof-up that could give police better clues. clear and dry weather pattern continuing through the weekend here, as the winds will settle down tonight, then leave us with patchy fog across the north and east bay valleys. we'll take a look at your complete forecast, in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,
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these surveillance photos sw the latest heist -- the 16t- at . the geezer bandit has struck again. surveillance photo shows the latest heist, the 15th at a bank of america in san luis abyss bow. the elderly man has been reported on surveillance cameras since 2009. this time, the dye pack and the money exploded as the robber was leaving the bank and he dropped most of it as he fled. >> there's quite a bit of money in the parking lot and it spread out over several different parking stalls, so we're not sure if he got away with any money or not. >> most of the geezer bandit's robberies have happened in san diego county. friday's total comes two months after the previous robbery after a wells fargo bank in la jolla. jim bernard is in to tell us when the winds might end. >> looks like we've got a couple more days of wind to contend with. it will settle down a bit tonight. as a result, temperatures will
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chill with patchy frost likely in the north and east bay valleys, then winds will ramp up again late tomorrow, into tomorrow evening. notice looking out across the bay tonight, twinkling lights, go out there -- dry and mild conditions continue through tomorrow, breezy in the hills once again, as dry week sets up here into and probably through next weekend. we'll continue this dry pattern and continued mild temperatures here. today, we saw a lot of upper 50s, low 60s prevailing. upper 60s, around the bay, more mid-60s there. we'll be a little cooler than this tomorrow, as we once again will have a very cold start to
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the day, with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s across the north bay and into the east bay valley, patchy frost expected there, mid to low 40s across the bay, as we look again for wind alerts up to the north bay and right around the greater bay area. those winds will be out of the west -- correction, out of the north to 30 miles an hour, gusting to 50 by tomorrow afternoon. and here we see the winds ramp up through sunday night and begin to calm down again late monday, into tuesday, so you can see we've got a couple more days of breezy conditions to contend with, which will keep skies mostly clear here and the fog remaining well offshore as that high pressure system continues to block the storm track from reaching coasts. but the winds will be with us through and into the beginning of the week here. we see no clouds to speak of, just patchy fog approaching, distal fog approaching by earlier in the week. winds will keep into the bay, as
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tomorrow we expect temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s. a little cooler than we were today, due to gusty winds and as we look at the seven-day here, we'll continue with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures through the week here. as you can see, no rain in sight for the foreseeable future. here we are entering december and dry conditions are expected to continue, which means that tomorrow at candlestick, we can expect sunny conditions and about 61 by kickoff time. should be a great day. >> good for the game. we need that water, though! >> about that time. >> thank you much. gary in tonight for kim coyle. >> lot going on. college football, high school action, lot happening. championship saturday, not just for the college kids, as i mentioned. highlights from the big d-1 game coming up. and the sec championship game, lsu and georgia. bulldogs came to play, but lsu came to win. the tale of two halves, next in
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keurig has over 200 varieties from 20 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew. between saint ignatius and sacred heart cat . big night of high school football. the rivalry between st. ignacius and sacred heart cathedral is in its second century. division 3 title game being played at at&t park now. we'll have highlights at 11:00. sarah taking on menlo atherton. brian sabian still working the
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phones. first half, sarah star runningback eric wilson cuts back and finds plenty of daylight for the touchdown. always fun to see that ahead of you. game tied 21-21 at the half. padres outscored menlo 20-0 in the second half. sarah wins the division 1 championship 41-21. willal with a big smile, the tide sitting at home as the number 2 team in the bcs, likely headed to the national championship game. meanwhile, number 1 lsu had one more test to stay undefeated. you saw the game right here on cbs 5. les miles and tigers down 10 early. never fear, honey badgers here, my friends! look at this, couple guys miss, and gone. honey badger avoids red shirts for the touchdown. lsu only down 3 at the half, despite not getting a 1st down. second half, much different
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story. how about freshman hilliard. lsu and saints great with a pair of touchdowns. number 1 lsu wins the sec championship and punched its ticket to the title game. they cruise 42-10. houston cougars hosting southern mississippi in the conference usa championship game. southern miss -- golden eagles pulled off the upset in the second half. austin davis to tracy laughly, down the sideline, 61 yards for the touchdown, 42-21 southern miss. houston suffered their first loss of the season, 49-28. they are out of the bcs picture. uconn needed to beat cincinnati to become bowl eligible. none better than this one. huskers quarterback mack, ball stolen by stewart. i'll take that, thank you very
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much! great play, cincinnati wins 35-27 to share the big east title. crazy, crazy play. first place raiders have taken their talent to south beach this weekend. the silver and black are hoping to make it four straight wins. it will not be easy. dolphins started the season losers of seven straight games, but then have won three of four. miami is playing much tougher than their record suggests. hue jackson said his team is prepared to tackle their best football. one former dolphin says don't pack your parka. >> teams come out there in december, think it's cold. and we got to hydrate this weekend. coach said hydrate, get ready for the game. >> i like that. 80s in december, good stuff. college hoops, top ranked kentucky hosting north carolina. the cats have a pair of freshmen to watch this year. michael kidd gilchrist, 20 points, 20 rebounds. final seconds, tar heels down 1, ends up with john henson, but
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jumper is blocked. hang on to win 73-72, now 8-0. golf now, tiger woods with a three-stroke lead after 36 holes in the tournament in southern cal. third round started well off the green on the 4th, chipped it in. tiger had troubles all day long. five bogeys and a 1-over par 73 is where he would come in. he's now one shot behind zack johnson, who shot a 4-under par 68. on the 18 fairway, justin is alone at 8 under par. tiger still hasn't won a tournament in over two years. oh, yeah, nearly a thousand brave souls in buffalo braved the cold temperatures and a dip in lake erie, expecting to raise
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$100,000 for special olympics. now, that is cool! >> good for them! and those of us sitting in 80-degree weather-- >> it's such a great cause, but i couldn't even put my foot in the water. >> thank you much. a sad discovery in a contra costa county park. several ducks and geese are found dead or wounded. it's not the first time. what animal control is doing to prevent more deaths of animals, coming up in 30 minutes. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. we'll see you back here in half an hour, and of course at 10:00 and 11:00. until then, updates at have a good night.
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